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P E R M A N E N T  M A K E U P | L I P  B L U S H | L I P  N E U T R A L I Z A T I O N

L I P  S E R V I C E S

The latest beauty trend for your lips.

Wake up in the morning with beautifully enhanced and natural lips! Lip Blush transforms your lips by correcting pigmentation, re-establishing your outline, correcting certain skin conditions, and gives you a beautiful natural tint of color.


L I P  B L U S H

Lip Blush is the process that enhances the natural beauty of your lips. We can improve the shape, symmetry, and gives an illusion of fuller lips while giving you a natural looking lip tint. Lip Blush can also help cover lip conditions such as Fordyce spots.

Best for: Lighter (almost a white lip) and warm tone transparent lips.


Cost: $500 (Includes 8-10 Week Touch-Up)

Service: 2 - 2½ Hours 


L I P  N E U T R A L I Z A T I O N

Lip Blush procedure that focuses on process of neutralizing (correcting/lightening) current lip tones, while also making your goal lip color a priority! Please note that you may need additional appointments to reach your goal lip color when neutralizing as all clients heal differently, and no two lips are the same.

Best for: Melanin rich, cool tone, and hyper-pigmented lips.


Cost: $550 (Includes 8-10 Week Touch-Up)

Service: 2½ - 3 Hours 

The Bladed Brows Lip Blush difference with Sandra.

Lip Neutralization

Specializes in correcting lip imperfections such as hyperpigmentation, melanin rich lips, lip scarring, tobacco stained lips, and Fordyce spots.

Committed to Safety
and Cleanliness

Your safety is our top priority! Disposable tools are used and sterilization of the equipment & room are done after every client.

Custom Lip Blush Pigments & Color Theory

Long-lasting mixology lip shade made just for you with our high-quality vegan line pigments.

Sandra Slewa- Lip Blush.png
Virtual Consultations

Meeting your on-the-go needs with our virtual consults! Let's chat wherever work for you!

PMU (Permanent Makeup) Certified

Lip Blush credentials from world-renowned artists who have worked on celebrities lips and others around the world.

Sandra puts the "S"
in Stunning Lips.


Ready to enhance your lips?

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